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Why Japan?: 3 reasons to start business in JAPAN

Reason 1: A Huge Market

Reason 2: Well-developed Business Infracture

Reason 3: Confortable Living

Shimizu Office support you to start business in Japan 

Shimizu Office locates in Yokohama city. Sunao Shimizu (Represetative of Shimizu Office) is a Certified Governmental Procedurement in Japan and passes the exam of Certified Public Accountant of the US. In addition, he has an experience of business in NYS as an accountant.


We can support you to start business in Japan through setting up a corporation, filing mandatory documents to govenment offices, negotiation of agreements, accounting and tax filing in Japan. We are available both English and Japanese. However, Japanese govenment offices have difficulties in communication in English. We will prepare all required document in Japanese. At the same time, we will prepare English translations for your understanding, too.     

How to set up a corporation in Japan

Start up Fees

Start up Fee 100,000 JPY (Tax is excluded)
Legal Fee (Notary Office)  52,000 JPY
Legal Fees (Legal Affairs Bureau)
150,000 JPY
302,000 JPY

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